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Jan. 23rd, 2016 08:12 pm
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Hello. I'm Rose. I go by Julie, generally, and Juliet is my given name. ( Yes, it's a pun. I came up with it when I was nine. You have fifteen seconds to make the obligatory Shakespeare reference and then we will never speak of it again. )

As it says on my profile; I am, among other things, a fictive, a cosmogonist, a student, an asynchronous polymath, an animal person, a Seer, a severely undersocialized ex-child, a cognitive ethologist by nature, an animal husbandrist by profession, and an survivor of ongoing chronic and terminal illnesses. I run a public directory of fictives and 'kin from Homestuck, and a private Wiki on the origin and nature of the multiverse. I have not actually read Homestuck and I do not intend to.

This is a personal journal. You're very unlikely to be allowed access unless I either know you too well for words or don't know you at all. Sometimes the things I put here will be clever and insightful and make you think. More often- most of the time, really- they'll be disjointed and callous and not at all eloquent. Sometimes I'll explain too much and sometimes I won't explain myself at all. You're free- encouraged, really- to lurk, and I reserve the right to ignore criticism, constructive or otherwise. I didn't come here to be perfect. I came here to be honest.

Think what you will of me. This is who and what I am.


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